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Our Mission
Building a thriving, strong and supportive community for
seniors of Indian origin by staying 
engaged, connected, and informed.

Join Us 
To participate in fun activities,
 pursue your hobbies, and interests, and build lasting friendships.


Three Summer Picnics: June, July & August
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Hike at Tualatin River Wildlife Refuge (12/16/2023)
Picnic at Silver Falls

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The sole purpose of the photos and other information posted on this website is primarily to depict the fun and enjoyable time ASIO-PDX members have during events and activities of the association. If you appear on any of these photos and would like to be removed from the website, please contact us. We will gladly do so. 
Thanks for your participation and help.

Association of Seniors of Indian Origin (ASIO) is an association established in August 2020 by Oregon Venture Advancement Inc. a non-profit 501(c)(3) entity.